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MyRentalButler is a consulting services company for vacation property managers.  We help you manage and promote your rental properties by increasing rental bookings and achieving greater listing site independence.  Have a project?  Contact Us for a free consultation. 

What we do?

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Virtual Tours:

Vacation Home Property Management Support Help

MyRentalButler can help you provide your prospective renters with a sense of your property before making a booking.  With a 360 degree virtual tour of your rental property (or properties), it is the next best thing to being there.  Click on the image below for an example virtual tour.

Click image to view example virtual tour.


Provide your renters with all the information about your rental properties and their locations, including all your personal recommendations of where to eat, shop and things to do.  MyRentalButler can design and develop hundreds of online guidebooks for all your properties that will allow you to stand apart from all other property managers.

  • Upgraded hospitality

  • Less time spent on guest communications

  • Higher quality guest communications

  • Manage digital and print in the same place

  • Enhance brand awareness => Repeat direct bookings

  • Single source of info for staff and guests

  • Guidebook content design and development services

  • Dashboard to manage hundreds of listings

  • Check-In and Essentials

  • Property Information

  • Local Recommendations

  • Works with any bookings platforms or PMS

  • Easy private-labeling and welcome message


Click image to view full guidebook example.

Website Design & Development:

MyRentalButler has nearly two decades of website design and development experience.  If you need help in managing your existing website or are just now wanting your own website presence, we can assist you.  See how we helped Coast Awhile Vacation Rentals with their own unique website with integrated Rates & Availability calendar driven from their property listing and integrated to their property management software.

Video & Photography:

Professional photography and video sets properties apart.  We have teamed up with a network of providers everywhere who have professional equipment, skilled in the art of properly staging rooms to be photographed, proper lighting, and skilled in the use of post-production tools.  And with the use of drones you can include aerial photography and videos that will surely stun your prospective renters.

Property Management System:

Property Management System (PMS) performs the important functions of tracking prospective renters, managing your rates and availability, automating guest communications, tracking rental expenses, and so much more.  Whether you have or have not deployed a PMS for organizing your vacation rental business, we can assist you in the process of receiving direct bookings, synchronizing rental calendars, and overall leveraging the value of such a system.

In the example below, a Rates & Availability function is added to a website for prospective renters.  The calendar has factored seasonality where some weeks are more or less expensive.  The calendar is integrated so that changes to it from HomeAway is dynamically changed on property manager's website.  And changes within the Property Management System gets reflected on the calendar at HomeAway ensuring calendars are always in sync. 

Social Media:

Generating traffic and converting it into bookings has no single solution.  Where most get their bookings from online travel agency listings (OTAs) like VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, etc., a multi-solution approach includes social media as part of its strategy toward seeking independence.   We can consult with you on ways to leverage Facebook, Blog Posting, and even creating your own VBLOG YouTube Channel in strategic ways that ultimately drives web site traffic to you.