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About Us


Somewhere along the way you learned that real estate is a great investment.  And it can be.  But managing the vast variety of problems encountered by guests, sometimes on a weekly basis, may be more than you bargained for.  You may even feel that with Saturday check-ins, your weekends don't feel like they are yours anymore.

Take Back Your Weekends

Our online Rental Guides with optional On Call Technical Support service helps property managers with a smart solution that is tailored to your home electronics, appliances, unique location and is designed to answer the common problems/questions your guests are likely to encounter.

The MyRentalButler solution was conceived from years of experience in Education Technology, eLearning Development, Website Development, Call Center Management, and real estate investing.

Although these advances are designed to simplify life, they do so until the Internet doesn't work.


Your guests have vastly different abilities to adapt to issues they experience with technology.  MyRentalButler provides the essential experience and help to allow your guests to cope with your high-tech home as well as the basic information about the home and its location.

A Convergence of Home Technology

Whether a small beachfront condo or a luxurious vacation home that can accommodate multiple families, the only thing separating the issues encountered by guests is the amount of technology and the amount of potential problems.

Home Automation
Internet of Things
Keyless Entry
Home Security
Smart TVs

Most Common Home Technology Problem Areas

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