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The Rental Guide is a subscription service. Purchase your Rental Guide and we will contact you for the details needed to complete the creation of your one-of-a-kind interactive Rental Guide. Each Rental Guide is broken into sections or items (i.e a thermostat, an appliance, or a list of favorite restaurants) you want covered in your guide to provide helpful information to your guests.

Premier Rental Guide
Includes 8 sections/items of helpful information.  Unlimited updates included.



(25% discount)

Luxury Rental Guide
Includes up to12 sections/items of helpful information. Unlimited updates incl.

25% discount)

Concierge Rental Guide
Includes up to18 sections/items of helpful information. Unlimited updates incl.

$29.99/month(25% discount)

On Call Support: (Add On)
Have your renters / tenants call your own property "tech guy."

(not sold separately)

Online Rental Guide (7 - 9 devices included)


Multiple Properties
If you would like Rental Guides for a number of properties inquire for rates.