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April 3, 2018

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Passive to Engaged through Interactivity

March 26, 2017


Today, it's not even enough to have a web site.  Now you have to manage a blog site, as well as have a social media presence on one of the big sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest, and more. 


As you may be using these tools to promote and educate prospective renters about your property and its location, whether or not your message is communicated to promote engagement is vital for success.


You are "passive" when you are reading pages of textual information about a property.  There is no interactivity.  We can agree it is a boring approach.  On the other hand, you engage others when you design your information to provide interactivity with your visitor and it is worth discussing how MyRentalButler is using its Rental Guides to include varying levels of interactivity, which has viewers participating and actively engaged in the experience of viewing them:

  • Non-Linear Path: Although the viewer can view a Rental Guide going through the contents, you also have the ability to skip around to view any section at any time.

  • Simple Interactions: We promote using checklists, accordion menus to break up information in smaller parts, or pop-ups that allow viewers to open information in additional windows.

  • Moderate Interactions: Viewers are able to have even more control over their experience through the addition of video, drag-and-drop interactions, and simulations.  We include feedback through some simpler forms of fun games.



The benefits of interactivity is to engage and inspire.  As vacation property managers, we design the Rental Guides to educate and motivate our guests to connect with the property and its location to empower them to have the kind of vacation experience they want. 


  • Before Check-In Date: It helps renters to plan well in advance of their check-in date.  It  motivates them into action and is done so because you've provided them the information ahead and gotten them enthusiastic about their vacation in the process.

  • During Vacation: During their vacation it makes planning easier. The Rental Guide includes many links to the experiences you want to provide your renters.  They are more easily able to ready access your list of restaurants, things to do, places to see or shop.

  • After Vacation: After your guests have returned home, the Rental Guide can serve as an opportunity to reflect on what they did, the places they saw, and kindle the fond memories created that all started when you provided them access to your interactive Rental Guide. 

We hope this article has help you as a Property Manager or property owner how you can engage your renters to help them create lasting memories of their vacation experiences.

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